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Virginia University of Lynchburg Mission:

Virginia University of Lynchburg seeks to recognize the possibilities in every human being and maximize the gifts of the individual within the context of a thoroughly Christian and nurturing environment, which offers students opportunities to develop into able leaders and scholars. The Mission is to provide a solid Liberal Arts and Christian Education program for all students. The University continues to embrace our African American heritage along with appreciation for other cultures and ethnic groups in our global community.

Virginia University of Lynchburg has, for the past 25 years, operated several teaching locations in the state of Virginia. This effort is in keeping with VUL’s historic missionary spirit of reaching out to the wider community beyond the University. This historical African American institution was founded in 1886 to meet the growing demands of our community for better-educated and trained ministers, missionaries, and public-school teachers.


Position Compensation:

Salary commensurate with qualifications, education & University guidelines.



Position Information:




The purpose of this position is to train Student Athletes at VUL.




Administers preventive treatment and rehabilitation to physical education students and athletes engaged in various intercollegiate sports; assure compliance with health and safety standards; oversee the issuance, maintenance and replacement of athletic injury protective gear and equipment for the  athletic program.



  • Plans and implements certain components for a sports injury prevention program. Establishes protocols for the treatment, care, and rehabilitation of sports injuries. Inspects practice areas and athletic equipment, consulting with coaches on injury prevention methods.
  • Provides urgent care service for student-athlete injuries sustained during physical education classes, team practices and athletic events. Conducts the initial clinical evaluation of injuries, and administers first aid. Refers students to a physician as needed.
  • Provides protective taping, bracing and padding for athletes. Assures compliance with safety standards by properly fitting athletic equipment, knee, and ankle braces, and other protective gear.
  • Coordinates and monitors athletic rehabilitation programs for injured students. Provides physical therapy treatment for injuries as diagnosed or prescribed by team physicians. Operates a variety of athletic and medical equipment including a muscle stimulation unit and ultrasound machine.
  • Coordinates training and assignment of athletic trainers (including student trainers) in the areas of prevention, evaluation, rehabilitation, first aid and emergency care for athletic injuries. Coordinates travel arrangements and transportation for trainers and first aid and emergency care equipment to out-of-town athletic events.
  • Educates and counsels athletes about their conditions including the nature of injuries and the procedures to be followed for recovery.
  • Assists with the hiring of and scheduling of the team physician.
  • Coordinates with administration and coaches the rehabilitation sites.
  • Serves as a trainer at home-and-away athletic events. Provides protective equipment and performs emergency repairs at athletic. Provides protective taping and urgent care to injuries. Advises coaches on athlete readiness to resume activity.
  • Provides in-service training to coaches on the prevention, care, and emergency treatment of athletic injuries.
  • Confers with coaches on equipment and supply specifications.
  • Modifies athletic equipment to fit. Fabricates modifications to equipment that accommodate injury or other unique requirements.
  • Cleans and maintains a training room in a condition suitable for patient-athlete care.
  • Coordinates with coaches to customize off-season physical conditioning programs for athletes according to the physical requirements of specific sport activities/events.
  • Prepares and maintains records and reports including injury and accident reports, rehabilitation logs and insurance claims. Maintains and updates student files.
  • Participate in selection, training and scheduling of student workers.
  • Performs other duties as assigned that support the overall objective of the position.


  • Requires seasoned specialized knowledge of the theories, principles, practices, and techniques of physical therapy and preventative and rehabilitative treatment used in college athletic and physical education programs.
  • Requires a complete knowledge of the equipment, materials, and supplies used in a college athletic and physical education program.
  • Requires in-depth knowledge of human anatomy and medical terminology.
  • Requires knowledge of injury evaluation and treatment techniques including first aid and the proper fitting of assistive devices.
  • Requires skill at fitting and modifying athletic equipment.
  • Requires knowledge of proper methods for inventorying and storing equipment, materials, and supplies.
  • Requires knowledge of pertinent health and safety regulations governing rehabilitation health care.
  • Requires well developed language and human relations skill to explain technical concepts to others, conduct in-service training, and serve customers.
  • Requires the ability to carry out the duties of the position.
  • Requires the ability to perform physical therapy.
  • Requires the ability to develop protocols and procedures for treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.
  • Requires the ability to deliver and administer urgent first aid, preventative, and rehabilitative treatment to physical education students and athletes.
  • Requires the ability to evaluate and treat a variety of injuries.
  • Requires the ability to apply and fit protective taping, padding, braces, and related equipment.
  • Requires the ability to operate a variety of equipment used for treatment.
  • Requires the ability to fit, maintain, and repair athletic equipment and apparatus.
  • Requires the ability to work effectively under extreme time constraints.
  • Requires the ability to work varying schedules and attend and travel to athletic events.




See Education and Experience below.



A bachelor's degree in physical therapy, physical education, athletic training or sports medicine, and two years of athletic training (including a student internship) experience; or, in the absence of a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, four years of athletic training (including a student internship) experience; or, in the absence of an associate degree, or the completion of at least sixty (60) college-level semester units, six years of athletic training (including a student internship) experience.




  • Incumbent is required to perform work of an active nature, requiring sufficient physical stamina to carry out duties.
  • Requires use of well-developed hand eye coordination for precise motions and use of small instruments.
  • Requires ambulatory ability to lift medium-to-heavy weight materials, balance, and walk and stand for extended periods of time.
  • Requires hand and arm strength to perform massage and kneading movements.
  • Requires visual acuity to observe moving objects and recognize physical injuries.
  • Requires auditory ability to project voice to a small group.




  • Requires a valid driver's license.
  • Requires a First Aid and CPR card.
  • Requires a National Athletic Trainers Association Certificate.

Scan copies of your valid first aid/CPR card and NATA Certificate, and upload them under "Licenses and Certificates".




The University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity, marital status, religion, disability or protected veterans’ status. Veterans and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.



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