Mission Statement


It is the intent of Virginia University of Lynchburg Athletics Department to maintain its position as one of the nation’s premier collegiate athletics programs. Although on-the-field success is an important component of this goal, Virginia University of Lynchburg's status as a premier collegiate athletics department depends on its ability to find continued success on the field while maintaining an environment that promotes the highest levels of integrity. For this reason, the Virginia University of Lynchburg's Athletics Compliance Office is charged with the duty of maintaining institutional control over its athletics programs in order to ensure its athletics programs are operating in a manner that is consistent with NCCAA and Virginia University of Lynchburg's rules and regulations.




Primary Functions of Compliance


  • Provide instruction regarding NCCAA rules and regulations to Virginia University of Lynchburg coaches, administrators, student-athletes, prospective student-athletes, and boosters, while ensuring these groups are aware of Virginia University of Lynchburg's expectations in terms of remaining compliant with these various rules and regulations.
  • Provide guidance to Virginia University of Lynchburg's coaches, administrators, student-athletes, prospective student athletes, and boosters by providing accurate interpretations of NCCAA rules and assisting these groups in remaining compliant.
  • Monitor activities such as recruiting, eligibility certification, financial aid, amateurism, benefits, playing and practice season limitations, etc. to ensure compliance with all relevant rules and regulations.
  • Investigate and report any major or secondary NCCAA rules violations in a timely manner.


** To report any concern or for more information, contact the VUL Compliance Office at: (434)338-7117 or by email at: